Mixed Living Center – Daily Care Activity & Training for Disabled People


Psychological Service

  • Participation in the Interdisciplinary Team of the Center, which evaluates the beneficiaries and develops personalized programs of services for them aiming at psychological support and improvement of their physical and social skills
  • Organization and coordination groups of beneficiaries’ parents aiming at providing information on issues related to psychological support for mentally disabled people and their family members
  • Planning and implementation of social awareness programs and social integration of beneficiaries, in collaboration with other specialists, with local bodies and with individuals or volunteers
  • Accompanying the beneficiaries at educational, cultural and recreational activities
  • Counseling the beneficiaries at individual and group levelCollaboration with trainers and jointly setting new goals for each beneficiary
  • Collaboration with the families of beneficiaries for behavior problems resolution or family crises (eg family illness / death, etc.) and home visits to monitor the course of the problem
  • Participation in procedures in order to collect statistical data during the elaboration of dissertations taking place in the SAPS, taking at the same time appropriate measures to protect the privacy of the beneficiaries
  • Supervision of students’ internship from schools for the psychological and counseling support of people with disabilities
  • Participation in scientific and educational seminars and organization of workshops


Social Service

  • Informing the parents/guardians about the way in which the Center operates, collecting the necessary information for each newcomer. Appraisal of each case and referral if it’s necessary
  • Social worker groups aiming at the social intergration of the beneficiaries
  • Visits to the homes of the beneficiaries
  • Undertaking escort for educational, cultural, recreational activities and actively participating in them
  • Assistance program for families in crisis
  • Monitoring the progress of social-working rehabilitation of disabled people leaving the Center for a reasonable period of time, enhancing them as effectively as possible (Follow up)
  • Organizing parents’ meetings in collaboration with other staff members and inform them of any benefits they are entitled to
  • Exercising of all three methods of Social Work, ΚΕΑ – ΚΕΟ – ΚΕΚ
  • Communication – Interconnection with other organizations
  • Systematic update of the individual file of each beneficiary
  • Participation in social planning and social policy for disabled people
  • Settlement of candidates for traineeship
  • Supervision of social worker trainees’s internships


Nursing service

  • Oral hygiene program
  • Providing First Aid Nursing Care
  • Organization and maintenance of First Aid pharmacy
  • Support for hygiene and cleanliness issues
  • Monthly weighing and recording of body weight
  • Beneficiaries’ escort at doctors office, hospital
  • Parenting information about health issues of beneficiaries
  • Checking the medical booklets of beneficiaries for residual vaccines and parenting information


Speech Therapy

  • Evaluation of speech by scientific means and specific methods
  • Setting up a special speech therapy program for each benefiary according to each one’s needs
  • Collaboration with Center’s staff and parents in order to achieve the required coordination of relevant actions
  • Participation in any scientific, educational and cultural activity of the Center



  • Initial occupational therapy assessment and goal finalization
  • Individualized ergotherapy program designed to monitor the beneficiary and achieve the goals set in the areas of bulky mobility, thin mobility, visualkinetic coordination, self-care, sensory integration and pre-vocational skills
  • Collaboration with the interdisciplinary staff and the family of the beneficiary



  • First assessment and physiotherapeutic evaluation in collaboration with pediatric and scientific staff
  • Personalized physiotherapy program designed to develop, maintain and restore the movement and functionality of the beneficiaries in order to improve the quality of their daily lives
  • Periodical monitoring and examination of the rough and fine mobility of the beneficiaries
  • Home physiotherapy whenever necessary
  • Communication, guidance on the treatment and assistance that beneficiaries should provide at home and modification of the wrong motor standards
  • Inform parents about the course of treatment
  • Care for the equipment and the room of physiotherapy

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