Floriculture Lab

Beneficiaries come into contact with the world of plants, from seed to fruit, the ways of cultivation, their everyday care, and their usefulness to man and the environment. Through interactive learning, they acquire the appropriate skills to create and maintain a garden. They learn both the ornamental and the vegetable growing plants, the ways of multiplication, how to recognise them, the preservation and utilization of their products. By combining knowledge with technology they learn different cultivation techniques.

Visual Arts Lab

The benefaciaries are engaged in hagiography by making images in wood, stone, tile, shells and other materials and by making other decorative items (bottles, pouches, etc.).

They apply the principles of visual arts to individual and group work by using various materials and acquiring techniques, as well as acquainting with the work of great artists through interactive presentations and art books.

They increase their observability, develop creative imagination, cultivate inherent or acquired skills and abilities. They acquire a personal aesthetic criterion and the ability of aesthetic emotion, which is the result of understanding the artwork. Also they visit exhibitions, museums and archaeological sites.

Waxworks Lab

The laboratory of waxworks is specialized in the manufacture of decorative – aromatic candles and seasonal constructions, oriented towards the creation of festive candles of various sizes, such as christmas and Easter candles.

Silk-Screen – Invitations Lab

The benefaciaries are engaged in the printing of promotional items by silk-screen printing on hats, t-shirts, workwear, lighters and other promotional items. They also undertake the printing of wedding and baptism invitations. In this wlaboratory, silk-screen printing goes back to true art according to its value.

Bonbonier Lab

The benefaciaries are engaged in making baptism and wedding invitations on orders.

Jewellery Lab

The benefaciaries create by cultivating imagination and subtle mobility at the same time. They make various kinds of jewelleries, special constructions using a variety of materials.