Construction of Day Care Center in Veria

The Charitable Non-Profit Parent-teacher association of Disabled people in region of Imathia, after the foundation and the proper function of the Mixed Living and Daily Care Center in Alexandria asks for your support for the creation of a new Day Care Center in Veria. Our Center provides a comprehensive program of treatments and social care services to people with disabilities, improving their daily quality of life. Our facilities are no longer sufficient enough and 50 more disabled adults stay every day inactive at home unable to improve their standard of living. In the existing Center, there is overcrowding that hinders it’s smooth operation.

It is imperative the creation of another Center for the disabled people, which will operate in the same way as the Center in Alexandria, providing high quality services to the beneficiaries. The second Center will be created for the beneficiaries to escape from the routine of their home and find themselves in an environment of special education and treatment. This situation is essential for the proper functioning and living of both the disabled people and their families.

We have started a campaign and we want you as practical supporters to raise this amount (600,000 euros) for the construction and equipment of the Center. Together we can overcome any adversity and prove our social face to people who could be our brother and friend.

On our website you can find our accounts to which you can make any donation.

Even the smallest donation counts.

We remain at your disposal for any further information you need.

Mixed Living Center – Daily Care Activity & Training for Disabled People “Spring Children”
Address: Eleutheriou Venizelou 7, Alexandreia
Tel – Fax: 23330 27212