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About us


About us

The Mixed Living Center – Daily Care Activity & Training for Disabled People “The Spring Children’’, hosts 58 adolescents and adults aged 16 and over throughout the county of Imathia, with mental retardation, autism, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, kinetic problems, behavioral disorders and is housed in the city of Alexandria.

The trainees come to the center, with the buses of the Association, a donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The Center’s program concerns vocational training, socialization and skills acquisition aimed at trainees’s learner autonomy.

How we started

In 1986 in Imathia was the Special Primary School of Veria. The needs of children for lifelong education and training after primary education and parents’ concerns about continuity of study in other structures have been the driving force behind the creation of the Center. Thus, the Association of Parents and Guardians of Disabled People (founded in 1984) decides on the establishment of a Center for Vocational Training, Activity and Living People with Special Needs under the name: “Spring Children” (founded in 1987-1988).

The Center operates five Laboratories aiming at Vocational Training for trainees.

The Floriculture Lab, where trainees with the help of their instructors, cultivate indoor and outdoor plants, starting from the rooting stage. They also deal with horticulture.

The Folk Art Lab, where trainees with the help of their trainer, are engaged in hagiography, making pictures of wood, stone, tile, shells and other materials. Furthermore they are engaged in the manufacture of folk art items such as bottles, pouches, handmade pillows, jewelery, handmade soaps, liqueurs and spoon sweets.

The Waxworks Laboratory, where the trainees with the help of their trainer, are engaged in the manufacture of aromatic candles but also of Christmas-Easter items and candles. They also deal with the creation of handmade jewelery and decorative-seasonal constructions with usable function.

The Bonbonier Lab, where trainees with the help of their trainer, are engaged in the construction of bonboniers for baptisms and weddings, on request.

The Silk-Screen Lab, where the trainees, with the help of their trainer, are engaged in the printing of promotional items by the silk-screen method to:

– Hats
– T-shirts
– Uniforms
– Lighters and other promotional items
Finally in this Lab, trainnes undertake wedding and baptism invitation printing.

Moreover, to the Center’s facilities there is also the Lab of Autonomous Living, where trainees with the help of their trainers, are practiced in everyday life with the aim of:

– Learning about personal hygiene and safety rules
– Children’s training in the kitchen area
– Mobilization and active participation of trainees through standardized activities
– Maintain and improve skills through repetitions

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